Editor, Times-Union:

The problems that face our county law enforcement require a strong leader. That’s why I’m supporting Republican Jim Smith for sheriff.

Leadership is about identifying problems, proposing solutions and persuading others to join in the cause. Jim Smith ran in the Republican primary because he saw problems: He didn’t think it was right that the sheriff’s salary was increasing dramatically while average citizens were financially struggling, and he didn’t think it was acceptable that overdoses and deaths were occurring in the county jail.  Rather than sit back and complain, he proposed solutions: a simple salary contract that would keep the sheriff’s pay in line with the statewide average for sheriffs, better and more consistent training for jailers on the use of the full-body scanner and a drug-sniffing dog specifically for the jail.

And then Jim Smith launched a campaign to persuade his fellow Republicans to join him. They did. He won. Because of his strong leadership, Jim Smith is now the Republican nominee for sheriff.

I strongly believe that a leader like Jim Smith will bring harmony to the Sheriff’s Department. Leaders are able to rise above petty bickering because they are not petty themselves. They inspire others to join causes greater than their own self-interests.

Jim Smith is the leader our community needs right now.  Please join me in voting for him on November 8.

Al Disbro

Winona Lake, via email