Editor, Times-Union:

The stench that has emanated from the sheriff’s department for many years still lingers. Much has been said about the sheriff's salary but little about his job performance which reeks of ineptness and fecklessness.

February 19, 2019, I went into septic shock. I called someone I thought to be my friend, accompanied by her daughter. I was transported by ambulance to Fort Wayne Parkview. I was gone for three months. During these three months, many things were going on of which I had no knowledge. I had power of attorney papers drawn up prior to my becoming ill. The sheriff's department refused to enforce them. The mother/daughter that had my purse refused to release it. My POA tried unsuccessfully through the sheriff's department to get my purse as I had bills that needed paying. My bills went unpaid and my once excellent credit rating was destroyed.

I had people looking for me, including my only grandchild. The sheriff's department told all these people that I was fine and that my cats were being taken care of, yet they refused to tell anyone where I was. They mentally and emotionally abused my granddaughter and I will never forgive them for what they did to both of us.   

When I was able to return to my home, I found a ransacked mess and many of my valuables missing included my garage door opener. I contacted the former friend. I told her I wanted my opener back in my possession. With that, they still had access to my house. She told me that it would be returned at their earliest convenience. I gave them five days then contacted the sheriff's department. I was told to call Marshall County who directed me back to Kosciusko County. I called again, more arguing. "Why can't you just take care of this yourself? Have a friend or neighbor drive you." I replied, "No, this is your job." I had no desire to ever see these people again plus the fact that I was afraid of them.

So this poor deputy was inconvenienced by driving a car that my tax dollars helped supply, gas that I also helped purchase, taking his precious time to do a job he was getting paid to do, which I also helped pay for.

As you go to vote, ask yourself would you like to be the next senior citizen not worthy of protection, and would you want your grandchild abused the way mine was?

Vote Smith.

Janet Collins

Etna Green, via email