Editor, Times-Union:

The posted attack directed at Jim Smith over something his adult son is being investigated for is one of the lowest moves I have seen from a political candidate in local politics.  To try and insinuate that Jim Smith is hampering or obstructing an investigation that was assigned a special prosecutor without any proof is just out of bounds even for politics. In fact, isn’t Sheriff Dukes the top law enforcement officer in Kosciusko County? I would think the complaint should be directed toward Kyle if there is any blame to be put anywhere, which is debatable.  

I know that Dukes’ campaign is going to vehemently deny having any knowledge of this attack coming out just weeks before the election, convenient I know, but I also know that Kyle’s campaign did know well prior to the post coming out.  You see the Kosciusko County GOP fish fry was held on April 6, 2022, and the post was released on Monday the 11th of April, 2022, by a person that hasn’t posted on his Facebook page in almost one year. Why do I mention these two dates?  The reason is a Kosciusko County detective, representing and campaigning in Kyle Dukes’ absence at the fish fry, was telling people “WE” have something big coming that is going to destroy Jim’s campaign. Dukes’ campaign was well aware of not only the information that was being released but also knew the when of its release.  

Obviously, I am a Jim Smith supporter, but I wouldn’t be had Jim pulled this kind of attack on an opponent’s adult kid out of desperation in fear of losing. I was telling people when talking about the sheriff’s race that I have nothing personal against Kyle but feel Jim Smith would be a better leader as the sheriff of Kosciusko County. With this disgraceful stunt, that thought has changed. I have now lost respect for Kyle Dukes and that will be my message from here out.

Donald McCune

Warsaw, via email