Editor, Times-Union:

Scott Clay has been one of the most helpful people to my family and I since moving to Warsaw just a year ago.

I met Scott through the Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce and it has been because of him I am now a Chamber Ambassador and in Y.A.P (Young Adult Professionals), making countless business connections.

As a young small business owner here in Warsaw, the wealth of knowledge about this community Scott possesses has been invaluable to me. I often wonder if there is anyone in this town that doesn’t know Scott and holds him in such high regard as I do? Being young myself, I find that I align with Scott on a lot of ideas that he has to improve this community going forward and with his background in business I have absolutely no doubts he will hold, even elevate the County Council position to a higher level.

Scott’s character and integrity speaks volumes to who he is as a person. He has a big heart and cares for people from completely different walks of life than himself. In just the little time I have known Scott, I have witnessed him overcome adversity on a number of occasions and each time he just responds in such a high moral fashion that further exemplifies his commitment to doing the right thing no matter what.

I truly believe in Scott Clay’s new energy and new leadership.

Shawn Brown

Publisher of Lake City Living

Warsaw, via email