Editor, Times-Union:

There used to be a Republican Party that fought hard to preserve and protect the rights of all American people. Now there is a cult-like party that is hell bent on taking away long-established rights …. like personal privacy regarding health care, sexual identity, life choices, free speech, free public education, freedom of information and religious preferences. Scary!!

There used to be a Republican Party that offered a platform with plans to improve the lives of all Americans as well as the overall condition of America. That platform, when compared to the Democrats’ platform, gave voters the chance to question, compare, and ultimately choose which plan they felt was best and then elect the representatives and creators of that platform. What an amazing idea!

Lately, it seems that we the people have very few choices left in our lives. As for local and national leadership, our choices have been narrowed to a party with plans to ease our strife, make our lives better, and allow us to continue to control our own destinies – and a party(?) that lies to us, eliminates our constitutional rights one by one, tells us to trust their undisclosed future plans, and continually accuses others of doing what they are actually doing themselves behind closed doors, in secrecy, and often in the dead of night. Scary!

There once was a time when politicians and voters knew the definitions and recognized the dangers of naziism, communism and socialism. Now the terms are thrown around at random in attempts to frighten, confuse and eventually sway voters’ beliefs. Sadly and unfortunately, too many voters today have no clear understanding of the meanings of these terms, and they are making decisions driven by that unfounded fear and confusion. The result? They do not realize their misdirected decisions may cost them the loss of their freedom, their democracy — a term not thrown around enough. Scary!

There was — and still is — a time when lies about the 2020 election dominated the actions of the old Republican party and created an entire culture of hypocrites, conspiracy wackos and just plain mean-spirited, vengeful, brainwashed followers. There was widespread fraud! It was rigged! Well, look what is being uncovered, exposed and brought into the light. There really was a massive plan to commit fraud, to rig and overturn the fairest election in history. And just look who was scheming to do exactly that —Trump and his cowardly, power hungry minions and sycophants. And wouldn’t you know they would have been successful if not for the courage of Mike Pence to do the right thing. Scary!

How close we came to losing our democracy. How close we may be again if people do not pay attention to the January 6th bipartisan committee disclosures whose live hearings will be broadcast on prime time TV beginning June 9. Massive amounts of corruption are going to be revealed, and the truth about the election, the insurrection and its architects will be presented. Really scary! Buckle up.

Jeanne Schutz

Winona Lake