Editor, Times-Union:

I want to remind everyone that all the commissioners, especially Bob Conley, were the ones who strapped us with this ungodly wheel tax that we have to pay every year.

Remember, they stuck it to us two or three years ago and voted for the biggest amount they could. All in the name of improving our roads but I bet I can, and I know you can, probably count on one hand how many roads have been improved or redone since they hit us with this huge new tax!

All I have seen out of this wheel tax money is the highway and city road departments getting new equipment. Especially the city of Warsaw. They have all brand new equipment – new trucks, the works!

But do they use them to improve our roads? NO, NO, NO! Look at our downtown area. The roads are horrible. Not to mention our county roads. There is a road between Packerton and 350E that is downright treacherous and has been that way for years, but do they do anything to fix it? NO, NO, NO!

I noticed some patches they did on U.S. 30 around Center Street. My goodness,  a three-year-old could patch a road better. It is terrible. It’s like they don't even try to fix it right. Just throw in some gravel and oil and there you go, no matter how bad it is.

I say it’s finally time to throw the bums out and get some people in there who may care about our county and the roads around here. If these bums had to try and ride a motorcycle on some of these roads they may fix them better.

Come on, Kosciusko, it’s time to throw the bums out. Let someone else have a chance at making things better. Don't keep re-electing the same people who do nothing for us.

Rob Edling

Warsaw, via email