Editor, Times-Union:
Will making it harder for felons and the mentally disturbed to get guns make this country safe? Not even close. A whole array of laws would have to be passed to prevent extended clips for auto-loaded-capable firearms or rifles. Trying to police everyone would be impossible. U.S. citizens would hide their extended clips, feeling they have the right to freedom and the Constitution. Presently, citizens are buying up assault rifles. I think it is ridiculous that our country’s leadership is saying the solution is to just “make it harder” after another loss-for-words tragedy.
Lonnie Slone, I couldn’t agree with you more about security in our schools. Three actions need to happen for our schools. One, run it like a prison and make only one secure entrance. Metal detectors and body scanning devices should be in place. Two, place an armed private security guard or police officer for a set ratio of students. For example, one guard for every 250 students. Third, make the school secure all the way around. Bar up the windows (or take them out), foot patrols, and run it like a prison. New fire escape and emergency action plans would have to be implemented and it will take money.
As a prison guard in Pennsylvania, I was amazed at how many mentally ill people were incarcerated. The economy crashed and the state had shut down funds for the mental facilities and the majority closed. The ill were released into the streets. Then they committed a crime and – boom – they were in prison where they were not treated and then segregated in a one-man cell heavily medicated.
Terrible things have happened because of one thing: Lack of money our administration created. Our government puts the safety, health and well-being of citizens on the back burner while they rack up bills they can’t pay. They are confused at the fiscal cliff approaching. I am just going to round off some numbers here for demonstration. The U.S. is over $16 trillion in debt. The U.S. population is around 315 million people. Let’s just divide that debt by the number of people, if you can find a calculator capable of handling 12 zeros after a number. Every U.S. citizen would have to take out a loan for $50,793.65 and pay the government to get out of this mess. When are these men and women going to realize they have to wipe the slate clean? That’s right I said it, debt forgiveness at the largest scale possible. The system men created failed.
Taking some rifles away or all guns won’t change a thing. I would rather live in a high security world where our kids can go to school safely, people are safer in public, and going to a movie isn’t concerning. Carrying a concealed gun used to make people think they were safe but what if the perpetrator is wearing armor? Their solutions amount to weak duct tape that won’t hold.
Matthew McHenry
Warsaw, via e-mail