Editor, Times-Union:

Who has allowed millions of foreigners to walk into our country not only unchallenged but given the rights and financial backing not afforded to American citizens ... not Putin.

Who has mandated the firing of thousands of healthcare workers, trained military members, police, truck drivers and other critical workers because of a vaccine that has now been proven to be vulnerable to the virus ... not Putin.

Who has shut down the production on domestic oil and natural gas, the elimination of coal, literally our energy industry for the unproven and unachievable fantasy of a carbon free environment ... not Putin.

Who has knowingly sacrificed the prosperity and freedom of a great country in order to appease a counter culture, anti-American, socialist economy bent on the destruction of this once great republic ... not Putin.

We witnessed the debacle of our withdraw from Afghanistan, an embarrassing failure of our government on the world stage. The Biden administration has left this once great nation, a feckless laughingstock, unable to avoid tripping over its own feet.

While the mainstream media harps and hollers about this obvious despot, Vladimir Putin, their constant rancor about Russia, but they fail to see that when Biden shut down our production of energy, he opened the door for Putin’s delusional quest to reconstitute the countries of the past Soviet Union, pushing the world’s oil markets from $30 a barrel under Trump to an inflationary $100 a barrel under lunch box Joe.

The deliberate chocking of our energy sector to appease his big climate cult donors has us importing over 500,000 barrels a day of Russian oil at the tune of approximately $2 billion a day, providing comrade Putin with the money he needs to invade Ukraine and anyone else in the region. We now send aid to Ukraine as well as paying their attackers $2 billion a day to wage war against them, now that’s some clever foreign policy.

So in light of the things I do know, will someone remind me ... who’s the bad guy here?

Gerald Roach