Editor, Times-Union:

Biden thinks MAGA Republicans are a threat to American democracy. His speech on TV was so dark that I'm surprised people didn't leave their graves in cemeteries and ask to have their votes for Biden rescinded.  

He doesn't understand the MAGA movement. As a MAGA Republican I support the Constitution and the rule of law. I believe in old-fashioned American values of faith, honesty, morality, treating people right, respecting police officers and other people. Being a person who supports the right to life and that criminals should remain behind bars for doing crimes and not be released sometimes before the arresting officer has filled out the paperwork is considered radical to Biden. The January 6 riot might not have ever happened if the Democrats hadn't illegally changed voting laws in various states which was an assault on Democracy.  

MAGA Republicans believe in energy independence.  Frozen windmills and nonfunctioning solar cells on cloudy winter days will cost lives and Biden doesn't seem to care.  Unless America uses nuclear and geothermal energy to replace fossil fuels, forcing Americans to drive electric vehicles will be disastrous for the electrical grid. Also, farmers, railroads, and airlines can't convert to electric vehicles and equipment unless technical advances are made and the electrical grid has more energy. If my plasma igniter works which means water could become a fuel source, hybrid airliners might be built that take water out of the clouds to refuel the planes and generators would produce electricity to spin the turbines or generate fields to displace ionized air molecules which would make the planes faster and quieter.  If enough electricity is available, a third-rail system could supply electricity for trains and microwave energy towers could beam energy to farm equipment. If my plasma igniter works as well as I hope, it might keep the internal combustion engine from becoming extinct.

MAGA Republicans are not fascists. Fascists believe the government should control the lives of the people and often they physically attack people that don't agree with them.  Fascists believe in censorship and treating their opponents as criminals. Their policy is lying and attacking those that don't believe their lies. Sounds like what Biden and too many Democrats believe.  

If this were 1776, MAGA Republicans would be the patriots that want to free America from the British. Biden and the Democrats would side with King George and would attempt to destroy their opponents. 438 dictators believe in controlling elections and silencing their victims. They do and say anything to retain power. They also go around lawmakers to get their way. It sounds like Biden and Democrats are a threat to American democracy. In 2020 it wasn't MAGA Republicans that set cities on fire, killed cops and tore down statues. And we're dangerous?  

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email