Editor, Times-Union:

It's primary season again, and local Democrats can sit back and watch Republicans battle it out for who can appear the most conservative.

In reality, the general election is taking place now. Whoever wins the primary will go on to win the general election. A Democrat winning in November is about as likely as snow in July.

The county and state have had one party rule for decades, the result being politicians who have lost touch with the needs of the people. A current television ad for one candidate offers more guns and faith, two things that have never been in short supply in this area. Instead of politicians meeting the needs of constituents, we get Curt Nisly pushing questionable COVID cures, the Kosciusko County Commission debating the 2nd Amendment and Attorney General Rokita focused on critical race theory and culture wars.

Our town council here in Leesburg seems to spend more time looking for new ways to fine us, to raise our sewer rates and to police our three streets than on fixing our crumbling sidewalks, reviving our uptown or building a park for town children.

We need leaders who can offer more than just conservative talking points, culture wars and fines. We need leaders who will focus on the real needs of their constituents.

Robert Osbun

Leesburg, via email