Editor, Times-Union:

I am an appointed Republican Vice Precinct Committeewoman and, my husband is an elected Precinct Committeeman. We recently received an anonymous letter that cited a list of disobedient “personal decisions and actions” that may lead to the loss of a member’s “good standing” with the Republican Party. The author went on to imply Republicans found to be noncompliant may be removed from Republican offices or appointed responsibilities.  

In the May Primaries, the Republican Party, strangely, offered a candidate to run against an incumbent Republican. The writer referred to this race and stated, “... the Republican voters of Kosciusko County selected Jim Smith as the party’s candidate.” To be completely accurate, not all Republican voters followed the author’s candidate. Many Republican voters supported a respected, job-proven, seated Republican, Sheriff Kyle Dukes.

I appreciate the author’s use of the words “personal decisions and actions.” My vote is personal and private. I do not take my right to vote lightly and I am not ashamed of my decisions or actions. I research the issues, read the candidates’ platforms, and have the freedom to publicly display signs supporting any candidate of my choice. Please give credit to voters on both sides of the Sheriff’s race to do the very same thing. To clarify, I did not “allow a sign” supporting James Marshall. I asked for the sign. I respect all my neighbors, friends, and voters that disagree with my choice. I encourage everyone to support their candidates in whatever manner they please and come to the polls. I also hope voters wish no ill will to people of opposing parties, opinions, or towards any candidate and their family.  

We are not the only “Republicans” to have received anonymous letters.  

According to State GOP rules, the list of names and addresses of Precinct Committeemen and Vice Precinct Committeemen are held and maintained by the Party Chairman. The list will not be found in the Clerk’s office or on their public website. It is not their responsibility. If you received a letter and feel there is a need to prove your Party loyalty, complete form VRG-24 and pay a $10 fee for a CD to validate the history your Primary Election Party designations.

The author of the letter is questioning my Party loyalty. My personal identity and/or future life goal is not to be known as a loyal member of a political party. While I see loyalty as a positive trait, blind loyalty only puts limits on learning and can squelch the truth. I am a political, social, and fiscal Conservative and my most important, true, and eternal identity is in Christ.  

There are decisions to be made. Make your own choices. The Constitution gives you the right and freedom to vote your conscience.

Further, I would like to invite the author(s) of the anonymous letter(s) to visit us at our home. Sit at our kitchen table, share a cup of coffee, and let’s talk – face to face.  

Beth Lamb

Milford, via email