Editor, Times-Union:

I remember two years ago when Curt Nisly called out the governor for his tyrannical approach to COVID. Curt Nisly stood up for us and told the governor that he could not decide on his own who can remain open and who must close.  

Last year, Curt Nisly fought to limit the powers of the governor and allow Hoosiers to do what we think is best to protect ourselves, and the Indy Establishment said no. This year, Curt Nisly again led the fight to try to curtail the powers of the governor and to have Hoosiers take care of themselves. And again, the Indy Establishment said no.

They rushed through HB 1001, which will transfer COVID response in Indiana to unelected bureaucrats who are appointed by the governor. These bureaucrats have the ability to declare an emergency on their own and they answer to no one.  

The Indy Establishment will tell you that no business can mandate the COVID vaccine and that is false. Hoosier businesses could mandate it and that is OK with the Indy Establishment who listen to the corporate donors rather than the people who put them into office.  

Curt Nisly stood up for us and told them that the legislature is to protect the rights of the people. It is clear that Curt Nisly is a representative to Indianapolis while the Indy Establishment is the spokespersons for Indianapolis. I am glad that Curt Nisly is there to speak for us and not speak to us.

Gary Eppenbaugh

Warsaw, via email