Editor, Times-Union:

The summer Curt Nisly was running for office he stopped by and wanted to know what I felt was important issues. We had a good conversation and felt he would make a good representative.

That was then and this is now.

After he won the election, I reached out to Mr. Nisly regarding an issue, and he never got back to me. On my third call, I reached a member of his staff, and I was told the reason he had not got back with me was he is a busy man and does have another job. He never did contact me.

This year I sent an email to his office and a month later received an email back from a staff member indicating he would be in touch. Again, he never did.

Curt Nisly became another politician that wanted to hear what I had to say until he was elected, then didn't want to hear anything.

I also noticed in his flyer 04/18/22 it was a one-subject flyer. If you look at what he has completed in his time most companies would fire him.

It's time to have a representative that wants to work for all of us in the district not just the "select group " he makes time for.

Craig Snow gets "A" rated and endorsed by the NRA.

I am interested in a state representative that has the best interest of district 22, for all of the people, that is a team player with a moral compass.

This year my vote will go to a gentleman that does listen and that is Craig Snow.

Mike Wood

Warsaw, via email