Editor, Times-Union:

Never again underestimate the sanity of true Americans.

Never again second guess the real patriotism and loyalty of the American people.

Never again discount the wisdom and dedication of American youth.

Never again doubt the power and determination of American women when their freedom is threatened.

Never again try to put restraints or limitations on the rights of minorities.

Never again waste voters’ time by pushing lies, conspiracies, hateful rhetoric, and promises of violent retribution..

Never again try to ignore the stamina and usefulness of America’s senior citizens.

Never again assume American voters can be swayed by fake polls.

Never again discredit or belittle the diverse religious beliefs of all Americans.

Never again think America can be made great by looking backwards.

Never again believe that extremists deserve to win positions of superiority by demeaning all those they define as inferior.

Never again try to fool all the people; not all of them are fools.

Never again doubt the importance of and love for democracy!

Jeanne Schutz

Winona Lake, via email