Editor, Times-Union:

It appears as if these filthy politicians never cease to give us all something to complain about.

I’m sick and fed up with hearing about “climate change!”

Man/the human race cannot do one blasted thing about the weather, anywhere on this plant!

Do not know just why any leaders in any nation on Earth even thinks that they can do something to “stop global warming” ... they can’t!

They all seem to forget one essential fact: God has ultimate control! He is the one in charge! Not a man or woman alive has the answers to whatever major concerns are building up, anywhere and everywhere on this Earth!

That is how foolhardy and arrogant the human race has become over the last 150-200 years. God granted humanity some knowledge greater than in past centuries, and humanity has greatly misused and abused that knowledge.

Think about the fact that God can blot out the sun ... so much for “solar energy.”

God can stop the winds from blowing ... there goes the turbines powered by wind.

There are way to many egotistical boors in positions of power; in America and across the world! Look at Biden and company!

What will they do when their greed and schemes blow up in their faces? Do any citizens in America have the guts to stand up and tell these loser - “Knock if off!”?

William Gerald Smith