Editor, Times-Union:

Before Trump was president, Democrats were saying Putin wanted him to be president and after he was elected, lies about Trump being an agent for Russia were spread far and wide. Now that we know the lies were used by Hillary and her people to try  and hobble Trump, those that tell the people Trump was spied on and that Russian disinformation was used by Hillary against him are accused of being conspiracy believers. The holocaust was once considered a conspiracy until the proof that millions were exterminated by it was exposed to the world.  

When Trump was president he made us energy independent and drove down oil prices so Putin wouldn't earn as much money. Trump forbid Nordstream 2 from being completed and offered to sell natural gas to Europe so it wouldn't need to get it from Russia even though the North Sea might have enough natural gas to supply the continent.  If Trump had been allowed to be president, Putin might not be threatening Ukraine today.  

Biden is a weak president that allowed Nordstream 2 to be completed so the Russians could sell oil and gas to Europe. When he made us energy dependent he also gave Putin the go ahead to complete Nordstream 2 which would make Europe dependent on Russia for gas and oil despite the availability of North Sea oil and gas. Oil prices have gone up which enriched Putin and with Biden pushing an economy weakening agenda, America is suffering while Russia might do better economically.  

Putin is more capitalistic than many Democrats in America are. In fact, Putin is more like Biden than Trump in many respects. Putin wants America to be made weaker and Biden is doing just that. Trump believed in making America great again. With all the restrictions, heavy-handed executive orders, mandates, and mistakes Biden has foisted upon us, he is making America grate again. Putin is infamous for eliminating his enemies. He also likes to restrict freedom of speech. Biden also wants to eliminate his enemies and restrict the speech of those that oppose him. The Communists had the press to spread lies. We have CNN and other media outlets that Biden supports to do that. Biden might have told "King Justin" of Canada to crush the truckers of his country that wanted him to lift mask and vaccine mandates. But he didn't want to talk with the truckers that were mainly peaceful. Instead he became a tyrant that made Canadians think maybe he was the love-child of Fidel; someone he admired along with the Chinese.

One of the worst nightmares for Putin would be for Trump to be elected in 2024. The same for Xi. Maybe Biden isn't tougher on Russia and China is because of Hunter's business dealings. Trump warned us, remember?  

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email