Editor, Times-Union:

No one shall have the right to read anything we deem to be unacceptable.

No one shall have the right to determine his/her own identity, receive counsel in doing so, love whomever they choose, or marry whomever they choose.

No woman shall have the right to make her own decisions regarding her own body.

No child, regardless of age, shall have the right to be taught to think critically in order to make rational decisions.

No American citizen shall have the right to government assistance, for any reason, in order to better his/her life - unless we say so - which we will not as long as the other party is in power.

No diabetic has the right to have reduced insulin costs.

No plans shall be offered by us to fix the following problems facing our country: the economy, health care expansion, infrastructure, voting rights, pandemic relief, gas prices, supply chain issues, the environment, immigration, conspiracy theories, inflation, family leave assistance, law reform, civil rights for all, gun violence, or the breakdown of our democracy. We will divulge those plans after we regain power. Trust us.

No polls reporting the wills of our constituents shall be used to dissuade us from voting “No” to anything proposed by the current party in power.

We will support one and all among us regardless of their actions or verbal vitriol.

Our only goal is to regain control over the United States, its citizens, its laws, and its future.

We don’t need any antiquated Constitution (the language in which we do not understand anyway - too many big words). We will determine who gets which “rights.” We do not want to keep promoting the concept of “democracy.” It sounds too much like Democrat. We want to run things our own way and control what we think is best for the American people, and that, simply put, is best exemplified by what is best for us - in accordance with the directives and contributions of our “benefactors.”

We are the party of “no.” We are fighting for our rights.

Jeanne Schutz

Winona Lake