Editor, Times-Union:

After buying a house in Syracuse four years ago, I have been following Kosciusko County politics. In this year’s election I was pleased to see that an extremely qualified attorney, Travis McConnell, is running for county prosecutor.

As an attorney in Florida, I have practiced criminal law for over forty years (and still going). It was refreshing to see that, as a candidate for county prosecutor, Travis McConnell believes in emphasizing the prosecution of sex crimes and other serious offenses instead of wasting the time of hardworking prosecutors and taxpayer dollars prosecuting minor marijuana offenses.

Travis McConnell realizes that surrounding states, such as Michigan [legal marijuana] and Illinois [legal marijuana] make money off the marijuana industry, while in Kosciusko County the taxpayers are having their hard-earned tax dollars spent on prosecuting minor marijuana offenses. Travis McConnell would exercise prosecutorial discretion to stop this wasteful use of tax dollars.

Please, vote for Travis McConnell for county prosecutor. By doing so, you can make Kosciusko County a safe and great place to live.

Robert A. Norgard

Syracuse, via email