Editor, Times-Union:

We have heard a lot from both James Marshall and his opponent regarding what they would do as sheriff. The divide in their approach is clear. James Marshall talks directly to all of the people involved or affected in the issues and wants real solutions for our community. His opponent believes in solving problems just by cracking down and applying more force.


James Marshall talks directly with the Kosciusko County Jail JCAP coordinator. Together they have a vision for the future of JCAP, one focused on giving the participants the best shot at success. They understand that this is a voluntary program full of people who need help, and who truly want to be better. James has made it clear his goal is to help these people on their journey to recovery. His opponent has yet to visit the block for JCAP or speak with the JCAP coordinator about the program.

Damages to the Jail

James Marshall communicates not only with jail staff, but also the jail support staff such as the nurses and custodians, and even the inmates themselves. He has learned from direct conversation with the people involved that the problem is a lack of consistent expectations. James saw a problem and he did his due diligence to learn about why it was occurring. Contrast this with his opponent whose solution is more consequences for the inmates and stricter rules. Once again, his opponent believes the answer is greater punishment for anything that doesn't match his vision.

Bikers Against Predators

James acknowledges the good work this group has done. He sees the value in working with a group of people who are so motivated and effective, especially when it comes to protecting our most vulnerable from the most heinous kinds of crimes. He wants to expand the level of cooperation with them to better protect our community. Contrast this with his opponent who has yet to work with them.


Both candidates have leadership experience. Both have served our country in the military and both deserve our thanks for their service. But, not all leadership is equal. James commanded men oversees. Those men put their lives in his hands and trusted that with his leadership they would come out on the other side. That is a responsibility few men are built for. James has demonstrated his leadership skills in law enforcement as well. His approach in handling issues facing our community shows he is a leader who listens and understands. A wise leader knows that they alone will not have all the answers. A wise leader takes care of their people.

James Marshall is the leader our community needs.

Matt Fletcher

Warsaw, via email