Editor, Times-Union:

In the spring of 2020, after the scourge of the COVID-19 virus was unleashed on the world by the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, and face masks were in vogue, Denmark did a clinical study on the efficacy of face masks. The results of the study revealed that there was no benefit in wearing a mask to prevent or stop the spread of COVID-19. It sighted that only the N-95 mask provided protection. Why then has our government insisted on the use of masks on the public? They’ve imposed this senseless encroachment on our lives for two reasons: It acts as a visible control measure, and they had to appear to be doing something.

The mainstream media has picked up the government’s mask crusade for two years no criticizing those who refused to wear the mask and forcing private businesses to enforce mask wearing in their establishments. The teachers unions not only imposed this rule on our children, they’ve managed to extort our tax dollars to the tune of $170 billion. After robbing us and using our children as experimental lab rats, they say it is not enough! They will not go back to the classroom, at least not until they get off of vacation. You see, the great majority of our teachers are handcuffed by the teachers union and run a risk of losing their job if they defy the union.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room ... vaccines. Do you remember the president saying that if we get the vaccine, we can take off the mask? Well, that was a lie. They will never let you take tat face diaper off. Get the vaccine, no, get the booster. They keep changing their solution to the virus. They don’t seem to understand the American citizens are way beyond their scare tactics. We know that we have to content with an endemic. We may always need a shot just like with the flu, but please stop with the mask. Stop with the running tally of positive cases and stop with forcing our children to get a vaccination which no one knows the long-term effects of.

In the iconic words of our president’s press secretary, “Let’s circle back.” Let us realize that science has told us that masks don’t work. Science has shown us that the vaccinations don’t protect us and we now understand that the unvaccinated are no different than the vaccinated. So whether you’re pregnant, naturally immune or medically unable to take the vaccine, I’m with you, and let’s circle back to when that’s all that really mattered to us.

Gerald Roach