Editor, Times-Union:
I have been reading the letters to the editor questioning my values and not representing the values of district 22.  In the article “Who is the real Rebecca Kubacki?” I would like to respond.
Rebecca Kubacki is a grandmother and mother of two adopted children.  I don’t have to wear my pro-life stance on my sleeve, I live it.
Rebecca Kubacki is a Catholic.  My religious beliefs are private.  God knows my heart and that is all that matters.
Rebecca Kubacki has devoted her life to helping others.  I have been so blessed in my life and feel it is my obligation to help others.  Especially children who have suffered abuse or women of domestic violence,
Rebecca Kubacki has worked hard along with her brothers and sisters to raise themselves from poverty to become contributing citizens through hard work and refusing to feel sorry for themselves.
Those are Rebecca Kubacki’s values.  
God does not pass judgement on whether someone’s religious beliefs meet a standard or if their values are high enough, he accepts all of us unconditionally.
We teach our children that God wants us to love and respect everyone. What happens when we become adults?  Does it then become OK to pass judgement ?
We teach our children that character comes from within, not by destroying the character of another.  Does that become acceptable when your are a grown up?
As adults we are role models for our children and we have to  ask ourselves: “Am I proud of the example I am setting and am I practicing what I preach?”   
I appreciate your thoughts  and  will address my voting record when session is over.  As we all know every bill is forever changing.  We will not know what the outcome of any bill will be until the last hour of the last day of session.  Only then will we know the rest of the story.
Rebecca Kubacki, State Representative, District 22
Syracuse, via email