Editor, Times-Union:

There is an organization in Kosciusko County of which some of you may not be aware. It is called the Kosciusko Community TNR. Trap, Neuter and Release of feral cats. Just three lovely ladies run this organization that tries to control the over population of feral cats.

I became aware of Kosciusko County TNR last year. I love cats and I was feeding quite a few out my back door. My hope was to have as many as I could spayed and neutered. I was able to get just two females spayed, when for some reason my "district" was eliminated from the program.

The life span of a feral cat is two to three years, and that two to three years is a hard life. Some get killed on the road, some have disease and just die, many due to predators, and then there are a few malicious people that just shoot them. A few years ago, my neighbor's dog was shot and killed by another neighbor just because he had strayed from his home. I dare say a cat would have met with the same fate.

Because they sometimes do not know where their next meal is meal is coming from, they will resort to cannibalism of their own species. I know this because I found a half eaten tiny kitten in my back yard.

The most obvious solution to this problem is to stop it before it happens, like supporting organizations such as TNR and One Dog at a Time. These programs do not receive any funding from any agency. If you would you happen to have a few dollars laying around, please consider donating to TNR. Their address is P.O. Box 1623, Warsaw, 46581. They need traps, several volunteers and perhaps a couple of veterinarians that would be willing to donate some time to this worthy cause. But before they can do any of these things, they need money.

Contributing to Kosciusko Community TNR is a win-win for every one. If you have a pet, it will prevent the spread of certain diseases. I didn't need any mouse traps this year, the cats handled that issue for me. The shelters may not be so overwhelmed with kitties, and most of all the feral cats wouldn't have to suffer such miserabe lives. Kosciusko County has the money to pitch in a few dollars. These are God's creatures; we can, we should, we must do better. I will end this letter with a quote I have loved for a very long time.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated," Gandhi.

Janet Collins

Etna Green, via email