Editor, Times-Union:

I have met Travis McConnell and found him to be a nice man. I am pleased that he has taken an active role in our community. However, his recent letter to the editor seems to cast aspersions on individuals who have served as Kosciusko County prosecutor.

David Kolbe, Mike Miner, Steve Hearn and Dan Hampton have all served our community greatly as prosecutor. They swore to uphold the federal and state constitutions and enforce the laws, which they did. They used common sense and knowledge of the law to make their decisions. The events mentioned by Mr. McConnell would have occurred during their administrations.

I do know that the Indiana Department of Child Services investigated Hephzibah House several times. The results of the investigation did not find criminal conduct.

If the facts set forth by the Times-Union as to conduct of John Lowe and a 16-year-old girl are correct, the conduct of Mr. Lowe was wrong, but not criminal. The acts of Mr. Lowe were not child molesting as defined by I.C. 35-42-4-3, nor child solicitation as defined by I.C. 35-42-4-6, nor child seduction as defined by I.C. 35-42-4-7 nor sexual misconduct with a minor as defined by I.C. 35-44-3-10 or I.C. 35-42-4-9. If I have missed an appropriate criminal citation in regard to Mr. Lowe’s conduct, I would appreciate being so informed.

A county prosecutor is the most powerful individual in a county. A prosecutor must ensure that his or her acts are within the confines of actual law, or citizens will lose their freedoms and reputations.

Duane G. Huffer