Editor, Times-Union:

I'm writing this letter to endorse Jim Smith for Kosciusko County sheriff. I believe Jim will be very effective in continuing to work and improve the sheriff’s department in all aspects of the job that fall under the sheriff’s responsibility.

I have the upmost respect and appreciation for Jim and his never-ending call to service, duty, responsibility and love for our beloved county.  

Jim is a people person that genuinely cares for the well-being of others before himself. He has integrity and lives by a code of honor that exemplifies his character. I have seen Jim in action, on how he handles situations and moreover how he interacts with the public either in a professional, or personal manner.

Jim was very instrumental and helpful with the training of reserve officers with his vast knowledge and experience of being in law enforcement.  

I appreciate how he is humble to the effect that he may not know everything, and will seek out all the information he can from everyone, to make the best decisions for the county sheriff’s department. I know he will be fiscally responsible, fair and inclusive to all.

Jim's character is unquestionably his best quality. He actually talks to folks consistently and wants to honestly know what needs improved and fixed. His character, I believe, is what has given him his selfless call to serve, his leadership qualities and the respect of our community.

Jim has my vote and full support!  

Troy Helser

Warsaw, via email