Editor, Times-Union:

What kinds of people inhabit the nations of this planet? What kind of churches or religions do these people purport to practice?

Well, over 100 people were trampled to death after a crowd at a soccer match were angered over some nonsense which occurred during the course of the game.

It’s just a stupid game for crying out loud!

The human race, all across the planet, have become so lazy, ignorant, complacent and spoiled that too many act like it’s “anything goes” where their actions and attitudes go.

Well, they are wrong!

Millions, perhaps billions, of people across the face of this Earth seem to forget there is a God who created them, created us all; and way too many of us have either forgotten the fact that we must all answer to Him at the end of our time upon this world or the callously ignore that fact!

Where are the churches today? Anywhere on this planet?

Do any of these churches teach the “Ten Commandments” anymore?

Attending any sort of venue, whether sports events, a movie theater or live play, a music concert, etc. ... these are all privileges, anywhere on Earth, not an absolute “right.”

There was at one time the notion that parents were to bring their children up to be respectful and kind to others, to be mindful of how their children behaved in public and how they treated others, especially those in their own peer group or age. So much for that! When teenagers and adults can attack or trample helpless others because they just have to follow the crowd, there is something evil afoot in those nations. Even America!

I wonder if any of those people responsible for the deaths of those people at the soccer game feel any sense of shame or guilt for the deaths or injuries their actions caused? If those who died in that melee had known they would lose their lives at the game, would they have stayed away, or maybe gone to church that day instead?

God sees everything, but a lot of things He observes must make Him sick or angry.

Something to think about!

William Gerald Smith