Editor, Times-Union:

On Wednesday, January 25, 2023, was scanning through the television channels looking for news when I hit “ABC World News Tonight.”

Anchor David Muir reported that the so-called “Pope” of the Catholic Church made the claim that “Homosexuality is not a crime ...”

There is little difference between “crime” and “sin.”

The word of God says, “For a man to lie with a man, as one does with a woman, it is wickedness.”

The word of God also warns about these “end times” day that “women would reject the natural use of the man and would instead burn with passion for one another.”

I don’t have the scripture references handy at present, but have read these in the past, so I know that they are in the Holy Bible; and God never lies!

This “Pope,” however, is an outright heretic, and I warn members of the Catholic church to read and study the word of God and do not take this individuals “word” for anything.

Francis, “Pope” of the Catholic Church, is seeking to lead people down a pathway to eternal damnation. No man, or woman, whether in the church or not is worth the probability of anyone facing Jesus Christ on the day of judgment, only to hear Him say “Depart from me ... I never knew you.”

I recall several years ago, Dr. Jack Van Impe told about how then-Pope John Paul II warned about a future “Pope” being an ungodly heretic ... that is what the Catholic Church has in this “Pope Francis.”

We are seeing the anti-Christian ungodly behavior in the U.S. government and it has also “invaded” several denominations of what is/are considered “Christian” churches.

There is absolutely no excuse, whatsoever for this evil behavior or way of life, being a part of the church or our own government.

There was a time wherein courts, and police, would cite “ignorance of the law is no excuse” whenever someone disobeyed our own government! Well, ignorance of God’s commandments is absolutely “inexcusable!” This is a fact!

The mass murders of so many innocent, helpless people (at  all stages of life) throughout the past couple of centuries shows just how ungodly, filthy and truly monstrous and pathetic the human race has become ... embracing, depravity while proclaiming “I believe in God!” or “I believe in Jesus!”

This Pope is an ungodly, ignorant and deceptive creature of perversion, lies and unholy foolishness.

If Catholics are not careful, the evil of people, such as Francis, will overtake the church they love and drag their families, friends and perhaps this notion deep into the abyss of Satan’s filth.

I would remind all of you ... Satan hates everyone and has only one goal, only purpose is to take as many immortal souls into eternal death suffering and condemnation as is possible. That is his fate, for certain.

The way the world is going he appears to be succeeding in this endeavor!

Wake up, and trust in Jesus Christ, now!

William Gerald Smith