Editor, Times-Union:

I remember it was around this time two years ago when Governor Eric Holcomb decided that if other governors were going to make legislative decisions on their own, that he should, too. He decided on his own which business were essential and which business must obey his will and close.  Eric Holcomb put tens of thousands out of work. Hoosier small businesses did not want a hand out, they wanted to be open!

Yet, Curt Nisly was the first legislator to call the governor out on his excessive abuses of power. As Curt Nisly pointed out in his letter to the governor, many small businesses were already making plans to take care of customers and employees to protect Hoosiers through the virus. Yet the governor thought that he knew better than every Hoosier and told small business they had to shut down. Yet going to places like Wal-Mart, Target and bigger stores was fine.  Curt Nisly was the first legislator to remind the governor he was exceeding his authority. Curt Nisly was one of six Republicans to call on the governor to convene a special session to help deal with COVID. Curt Nisly was the only legislator to call upon the governor to overturn the State Pharmacy board on dispensing HCQ and ivermectin to people with COVID. Yet, every time, Eric Holcomb thought he knew better.

Curt Nisly has been fighting executive overreach from the beginning of the pandemic. Last year, he filed numerous resolutions to end the governor’s State of Emergency. Every time, the Indy Establishment stood with the governor and his overreach. Curt Nisly filed an amendment to limit the governor’s power to the executive branch only. The Indy Establishment said no. Curt Nisly filed an amendment to prohibit the governor from telling us we can’t go to church.  The Indy Establishment said no. Curt Nisly filed an amendment to prohibit discrimination based on vaccination. And again, the Indy Establishment said no. A majority of the Indy Establishment agrees with Curt Nisly, signing on to their own resolution, but ultimately still sided with the governor when it counted.

This year, Curt Nisly fought the Indy Establishment again.  Curt Nisly filed an amendment that would prohibit unelected bureaucrats from overseeing COVID response. The Indy Establishment said no. In fact, the Indy Establishment will tell you that they ended the State of Emergency. In reality, they didn’t end it. They transferred control to President Biden and unelected bureaucrats in D.C. On top of that, unelected bureaucrats in Indiana can act on behalf of the state to access federal funding related to COVID. The same Indy Establishment will on one hand talk about how well our state finances are, yet at the same time complain about how broken Washington is, yet still go begging for federal money? The Indy Establishment is letting President Biden handle COVID relief and they are so happy, the Indy Establishment all co-sponsored the bill. We need someone who represents us in Indianapolis instead of relying on “experts.” I support Curt Nisly, and I hope you do, too.

Gary Eppenbaugh

Warsaw, via email