Editor, Times-Union:

At the Wawasee School Board meeting Tuesday, Nov. 8, it was announced that no action would be taken on the closing of Milford School. What the Mail Journal article failed to bring out was that Milford School is not out of the woods yet, and an all-out pressure campaign needs to be maintained the next four months at the second Tuesday of the month board meetings at 5:30.

There was an idea floated to hire a firm to do a demographic study proposal. I do not agree with spending our tax dollars on a study that does not take into account the hardship of closing Milford School would put on Milford students and their families, not only psychologically for the students to be relocated, but a financial burden on Milford, parents, some who are all ready living from paycheck to paycheck. Another idea is to have input from the people in Syracuse and North Webster. Only one problem with this idea, they are not the ones who would be affected by the closing of Milford School. You cannot put a price on a child’s education, and the negative aspect of closing Milford School would put on Milford’s students’ education.

This past Veterans Day, Nov 11, last Friday, our superintendent Dr. Troyer got to witness in person. Part of the charm of Milford Middle School and Elementary combined at the Veterans Day program. It was so cool to see the interaction between first through eighth grade coming together as one, to honor our veterans. Not only does Milford’s small town atmosphere play an important roll, being more adept for individualized teaching, but it plays a huge part of older students helping to teach younger students by example. As was this case, where they all came together for the honoring of our veterans, and all taking part in the veteran’s ceremony program.

To use a military term, “this is a call to arms” for Milford residents and students to rise up and let this school board know what Milford School means to us, and why not to close it. Make no mistake if Milford residents allow this to take place, Milford Elementary will be closed next.

My three children, Jacob, Gabriel and Hannah thrived by the smaller school atmosphere at Milford. Let’s keep it going.

A fighter for our veterans,

Rich Rhodes