Editor, Times-Union:

As the Democrats spin our economy into that of a third world country, they continue to spend money we don’t have. Their plans to save themselves from a historic drubbing forecasted in the midterm elections, they must resort back to their old ways - buy votes. After two years of doing everything possible to change what had been a strong economy despite the COVID-19 lockdowns of the blue states, into a state of stagflation!

So here we are, acceptance of a governmental program which denies us of our rights. A government which punishes us for our beliefs. Make no mistake, folks, the beast is at our door. They use our tax money to influence us, capture our children’s minds, bribing our youngest to make a fateful vote that will cast their futures to the wind and lay them on the ash heap of misguided wants and wishes, servant to the new master. The wizard who commands their compliance, the guy who offers them everything but gives nothing, the beast is the federal government.

As our government used the legislature to provide handouts to the few semiconductor chip manufacturers in the USA, over 97% of the chips are produced in Taiwan. If we were to increase production of chips on our soil, we are still dependent on the rare earth minerals required to manufacture the chips. The “CHIPS” bill is nothing more than a copy of a fated handout by President Obama made to a company called Solindra, which conveniently bailed out shortly after they cashed the government check.

The ridiculous but costly election day promise of this “suit” we call president, to forgive the debt of over 20 million people, is just insane! What happened to this great country? The kids could care less of devotion to the country, let alone any form of sacrifice. They concern themselves with video games, talk shows and an instructed hatred for those who spent their lives trying to make this a better place for these young titans.

As our government doles out our tax dollars in an attempt to influence the many corporate and union structures which have average Americans by the throat, we stand strong. We will embrace the words of our forefathers: “Give me liberty, or give me death.”

Gerald Roach