Editor, Times-Union:

All the rosey futures we hear the Democrats talk about make me think about what might have happened if the Progressive President Teddy Roosevelt had told all Americans in 1902 to get rid of their horses and buy the new-fangled gasoline-powered vehicles that were available then. How would people have reacted back then? There weren't many gas stations back then and not too many mechanics. Also, cities were some of the only places where the roads were paved. And farmers relied on horses because those that had steam tractors were generally better off financially. It would have been a disaster 120 years ago.  

Today we have a president and green-energy zealots wanting to force us to buy electric vehicles and that want to get rid of fossil fuels. When Biden blamed Putin on higher gas prices, he unintentionally blamed himself for the higher prices. Putin didn't want America to be energy independent and Biden satisfied the dictator by shutting down construction of the Keystone pipeline and reducing drilling. When Trump warned voters Biden wanted to end energy independence, they must not have believed him. Also, Putin wanted higher oil prices and Biden gave him that and punished Americans with higher fuel prices. Trump wanted to sell Europe natural gas to prevent Russia from having the market. But it never happened. Putin wanted his pipeline to be completed which Trump had stopped and Biden obliged him. With Biden's refusal to open our oil and gas sources to reduce energy costs, people should wonder if the president is an agent of Putin and against Americans.  

As I pointed out in a previous letter, most of America would have to be covered by solar cells if we replaced tens of millions of gas-powered vehicles with electric ones.  When Vice President Harris talked about kids riding electric busses I thought about their poor grandparents freezing to death because they couldn't afford electricity. With no increase in electrical output onto the grid, America could experience constant blackouts; especially during the winter when the sun doesn't shine as much and during the summer when air conditioning jacks up the demand for electricity.  Joe Biden could be blamed for America being in the dark too often.  

In order to arrive at a brighter tomorrow, people tend to forget about the ugly road between today and the future. It took decades to get rid of horses in favor of gas-powered vehicles. People shouldn't be forced to get rid of reliable gas-powered cars to buy electrics when the energy infrastructure won't allow it to happen.  I might be able to design a flying car. But don't count on seeing one above you tomorrow.  

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email