Editor, Times-Union:

It may not seem as though it is time to think about the general election. However, deadlines for new and current voters are quickly approaching.

Deadlines for the Tuesday, November 8th General Election:

• Voter registration deadline is Tuesday, October 11th. You must be 18 on or before November 8th in order to vote

• Application for an “Absentee Ballot by Mail Only” deadline is Thursday, October 27th.

Please be an informed voter. Every election is important.  Every opinion is important. Every registered voter deserves the right to cast their vote for the candidate(s) of their choice. Every voter also deserves the right to answer other questions within their ballots.

Please note:

• If an individual selects “straight ticket” (or straight party voting) at the voting machine, votes will be cast entirely and solely for the party’s slate of candidates. A “straight ticket” selection will not allow a voter to cast their vote for individual candidates running outside of the selected party.  

• Kosciusko County now offers the convenience of voting centers. Voting center location information is available at www.indianavoters.in.gov or click on the elections tab of www.kcgov.com.  

Go to: www.indianavoters.in.gov to answer these questions:

1.) Am I a registered voter?

2.) What is my township and precinct?

3.) Where are the voting centers in Kosciusko County?

a. Polling locations and times

4.) Who is on the ballot?

a. State and Federal Democrat, Libertarian, and Republican Candidates

b. Kosciusko County Democrat, Independent, and Republican Candidates for County Elected Officials

c. Kosciusko County At-Large County Council and School Board Candidates

5.) What is on the ballot?

a. Court of Appeals Judge Retention:  Should Judges Nancy Vaidik and Paul Mathias be retained as judges?

This site may also be used to print your Voter Registration Acknowledgment Notice. This document verifies your Receipt of Voter Registration and clarifies Election Districts.

If you feel the information is incorrect, please take time to call the Clerk’s Office prior to the November 8th Election at 574-372-2332, Extension 1.

Please bring a government-issued photo ID to verify your identity. It is Indiana’s law. The ID must be issued by the State of Indiana of the U.S. Government. It must also include your name, photograph, and be current or include an acceptable expiration date.

Measures will be taken to ensure a safe environment. Please be patient while poll workers follow given procedural and safety protocols.

Thank you so much for following through with your right to vote.

Beth Lamb

Milford, via email