Editor, Times-Union:

Imitating the “success” of the Canadian truckers’ protest convoy, our own country’s version of a protest on wheels (Tucker’s Truckers) has begun its cross-country road trip. Drivers equipped their gas-guzzling extensions of manhood notified their followers of their itinerary, and began their journey across the wild terrain of the United States. (Since they may have to travel through some awfully frigid weather fronts, I can’t help but wonder if there might be some “shrinkage” of their numbers.) It will surely test their mettle. All of this to let whatever powers that be know that they will not take it any more. No one can make them wear little pieces of cloth “protection” to ward off deadly diseases. No one can force little “pricks” into their arms to save their lives. No, sir, not these brave defenders of freedom. Their womenfolk are waving them off, awaiting their safe return. Little children will read about their brave deeds some day in the few history books allowed in libraries and schools. Perhaps someone will re-work the song “Convoy” to commemorate these brave souls. Kinda gives you a warm glow all over, doesn’t it?

In contrast, thousands of miles away, in a peaceful country striving to become a democracy of the people and hoping to be more like their western neighbors, real freedom fighters are giving their all to fight off a sociopathic, egomaniacal bully who loathes the very concept of freedom of the people. Here, all males from 18 to 65 are required to remain in country and fight in the streets if need be to preserve their freedom. And they are doing so gladly. Some of their womenfolk have left the country seeking shelter. More have hidden with their children in underground parking lots and tunnels to escape probable death in the streets. Preemie babies with nurses in tow have been moved from hospitals to hidden shelters, and a few babies have even been born in those cement shelters. So far, these “David” freedom fighters have been able to hold back the evil “Goliath” who wishes to beat them down and control them.

Let’s see here … being “forced” to temporarily wear little pieces of cloth to save lives versus being “forced” to defend your country, your families, your own life from a larger than life deranged monster (who, by the way, is deemed a genius by some of our own deranged egomaniacs) ... Who are the real heroes? Who are the fighters with a real cause? On the one hand, only derision and laughter is warranted. On the other hand tears, prayers, pride and assistance in all forms is not only warranted but required by all mankind.

I am so grateful to be living in a country where we still have the freedom to speak up and out ... where people can make fools of themselves ... where people can be asinine and even hateful. I am grateful but lately I am becoming more and more dismayed and sad and even a little frightened.

Jeanne Schutz

Winona Lake, via emailFreedom Fighters