Editor, Times-Union:

Congratulations to the Kosciusko County Commissioners, the County Planners and others for their forward-looking activities in the past few years. Kudos also to a group of North Webster residents who have recognized the need for sanitary sewer facility expansion in the near future.

In the past, even the word “sewers” struck fear in the hearts of some folks around our beautiful lakes. Now, things have changed. Oh, there are still many who claim they could have survived with their septic tanks belching effluent into the ground and ultimately into a nearby lake. Coming to grips with that knowledge is difficult and costs are massive, but there is a future to recognize.

As an active citizen, I am also very pleased the county has embarked on serious infrastructure planning. The future is not going away; we just will not be present to witness its arrival. It is not for those of us in charge to ignore the necessity of preserving what we have for future generations. I am personally very glad our elected officials recognize an unselfish responsibility to the future.

Over a span of about 15 years, it was my distinct pleasure to be very actively involved in Kosciusko County conservation - specifically the Chapman Lakes Conservation Association, formation of the Chapman Lakes Foundation and personally promoting consideration of sanitary sewers around our lakes - but a heart condition caused me to stand aside until recently thanks to modern medicine.

I’m glad for the direction our county officials have taken. I stand in favor of the future for our children.

DeVon C. "Dan" Lee

Warsaw, via email