Editor, Times-Union:

Calling all Fox “News” viewers! It’s not too late to save face. You all have surely heard the latest real news, right? Oh, maybe you have not since your favorite so-called news source is not reporting the most explosive real news of 2023. (Instead they are making a last ditch effort to con you with a false rewrite of the explosive real news of January 6, 2021.) It turns out there may be consequences for broadcasting lies.

It is now truly and positively evident that Fox anchors been lying to you for years. In spite of their own true beliefs — from the owner of Fox at the top, down through the entire corporation to its morally bankrupt program hosts — they have chosen to repeat and expand the lies of the former president and his minions in order to maintain your viewership and increase their profits. .

Don’t believe me? Read some national newspapers. Use your computer search engines. Watch or listen to some other, or all other, news outlets. In case you haven’t heard, Fox is being sued by Dominion (you know, the manufacturers of voting machines) for causing them irreparable harm with their lies. Documents from that suit are being released nightly, and proof of their lies has been exposed in the very words of the Fox owners, business staff, and TV anchors themselves by way of texts, emails, and depositions. In the exact words of Tucker Carlson, self-appointed purveyor of falsehoods, “We are very close to being able to ignore Trump most nights. I truly can’t wait ….. I hate him passionately.”

Fox people did not believe what they were telling you but chose to continue their deception because they were afraid you would stop watching, they would lose money, and the person they disliked and feared the most would be angry and turn his wrath against them. You deserve to know what all the Fox personnel really believed about the 2020 election. You deserve to know what they really thought about all the creators and peddlers of the Big Lie. You were always of the utmost importance to their success mainly because your loyalty ensured them of lucrative commercial backing, and they wanted to continue to give you what they believed you wanted rather than what you deserved to know — the truth. But you were blatantly played and conned just to keep them in business.

Don’t you think it is time to end their power over you? Isn’t it time to show them your power — by speaking out, speaking up, turning the channel? What they have done and continue to do is keep you in the dark, keep you angry, and keep you watching. It was not and is not fair or balanced. It is dangerous and destructive. Stand up for yourselves. Demand the truth!

Jeanne Schutz

Winona Lake, via email