Editor, Times-Union:

President Biden’s “Soul of the Nation” prime time address to the country sounded much more like an indoctrination of the American people’s minds than a plea for unity and compassion for one another.

The blood red backdrop with Marines at the ready invoked images of Adolf Hitler giving his maniacal rants convincing German citizens that there was an enemy amongst them and that the treat to their nations were the Jews ... we all know how that turned out. Biden warned us of a threat to our country only his extremist were the other half of the nation that voted against him. Is this how we treat our political opponent now? Biden calls them extremists, domestic terrorists and radicals. He uses the institutions of government to raid the homes of his political opposition, while spying on those voices opposed to his administration and why not, every other socialist autocracy began the same way.

As the progressives take their midterm marching orders, they find themselves having spent the last two years wasting their time trying to develop another hoax with a Hollywood production called the Jan. 6 committee. Having ignored the needs of the American citizens, their only argument for the people to vote from them is that Donald Trump is a bad man and everyone who voted for him is an extremist.

Allow me to define extremism. Failing to secure our borders allowing millions of illegal immigrants to invade the sovereignty of our country as well as flood our nation with the poison fentanyl is extreme. Pushing through trillions of dollars of needless legislation only to spark the highest inflation this country has seen in 40 years is extreme. Closing our schools and using the future of our children to bargain for billions of taxpayer dollars is extreme. Using our most cherished federal law enforcement institutions as political operatives to spy on parents is extreme.

We all know who are the extremists here and it’s not the American people. It is the Democrat Party who opens their bag of divisive antics fulminating old wounds like racism, and all the phobias manifested in our social media. When they’re not trying to pit us against one another, they are lining their pockets with our tax dollars, always trying to convince us to support one of the 2,000-page bills, which in the end robs the future of our children and our children’s children ... now that’s extreme.

Gerald Roach