Editor, Times-Union:

Why is there so much talk about tax cuts and rebates? If there is so much excess revenue, why are so many of our roads in need of repair, so many bridges and sewer in of upgrading or replacement?

Are the retirement funds for teachers, police and firemen fully funded?

Do the programs for the poor and homeless need a boost?

Or are the parties currently in power thinking ahead (look what we did for you in 2022), and two administrations later want it back.

If you must give some of it back, have it based on income and number of dependents, not everyone. Use the rest to help the items listed above.

In your own budget, if you end up with extra money do you give it back to your employer? No, you use it to fix up the house, buy a newer car, buy something special for the kids or the family.

So, let's use this excess money to fix up our state not give it back to your employer (who gave it to you in the first place).

Tom Sutton

Warsaw, via email