Editor, Times-Union:

When Sheriff Dukes first ran, he promised a Fresh Start. He did this very well. He renegotiated jail contracts that resulted in $11,000 saved per month. That’s $132,000 annually! He has restructured the patrol division so that he has saved Kosciusko County $8,000 per year. He has eliminated $6,000 a year in banking fees. In 2021, Sheriff Dukes saved the tax payer $30,000 in their annual food budget. Also, he has saved the taxpayers money by holding public auctions that has brought in $60,000. This money has been used for training, equipment, firearms and training.

There has been some who wanted to make a big issue of his salary. His salary is according to state statutes and obviously the county commissioners have full confidence in him. Sheriff Dukes has certainly proved he is fiscally responsible and justified in his salary. So why is his salary a big issue in this campaign? There should be no issue. It’s just a mudslinging smear tactic.

Sheriff Dukes is very sincere in his Community First pledge. He has conducted Camp H.E.R.O. for kids and under his tenure the JCAP for drug addiction program took hold and is very successful. Approximately 30 community leaders and businesses are on board. Finally, he created NET 43, a multi-agency drug task force, to combat the drug epidemic in our community.

Sheriff Dukes is a proven leader that has the best interests of Kosciusko County in mind.

Alan Lucht

Warsaw, via email