Editor, Times-Union:

I’ve made a lot of endorsements in my life. Some turned out to be great, while some, like humans do, fail and fall short of what I feel they should.  

I'm always very careful to make a second endorsement because the second one comes with a “term" under their belt - a grade card I like to say. It goes beyond lip service, a candidate has to EARN my second endorsement.  

Kyle Dukes, without question, has done an incredible job in his first term as our sheriff. He has made me so proud to live in this community. His stand for personal freedom, the second amendment, his hard work and his amazing accessibility to us has been priceless.  I’ve  had the privilege to see first hand what he has done inside the jail and work release. The things I've seen have wrecked me in such a powerful way, and given me a new unexpected passion to participate in rehabilitation and second chances. A jail sentence does not mean the end of a person’s life ... sometimes for some, it means the start of a new life with a new identity and mission!  

I’m one who has experienced a second chance in life after losing 120 pounds and getting healthy again, so they are especially close to my heart. I had the opportunity this past year, to come and speak to some amazing women in work release who have been given a second chance after struggling with the demon of addiction. I watched in the background for a bit before I spoke, and watched the residents soak up everything Kyle and Heather Desenberg said with a deep respect. It was an unexpected powerful day for me to be apart of, and I pray I am able to continue to help in any way I can. Put me in the game, Coach!

I fully endorse Kyle Dukes for another term and look forward to even more things for this community.

Monica Boyer

Ketomom Coaching

Warsaw, via email