Editor, Times-Union:

In light of today’s events, I think it’s important that we understand the real and present danger of the battle to save not only America, but even our local communities. In order to do that we must acknowledge the level of which the Communist agenda has infiltrated our cities and towns.  Communist Goal #14 states: Infiltrate and gain control of big business and unions.

Sadly, many big companies are now infiltrating and enforcing the Communist agenda throughout our towns and cities. Warsaw and Kosciusko County are no exception. It’s no secret that the orthopedic companies appear to be strong-arming their Communist agenda into Kosciusko County politics. They appear to be relying on their large footprint in the city of Warsaw in order to force compliance by the citizens across the county to follow the Communist mandates of vaccines and the radical agenda of diversity, equity and inclusion. These tactics wreak of Communist propaganda and must be stopped! Warsaw and Kosciusko County in general are welcoming enough without the forced propaganda machine of these big businesses.  

This is why I’m endorsing Todd Davis for Kosciusko County Council. Todd has proven he isn’t afraid to stand up to this Communist agenda and I have no doubt that he will do so while seated on the County Council. Todd understands that allowing big businesses to impact the community at large in such a negative light is not healthy for the greater county and region.  

I ask you to vote for Todd Davis for Kosciusko County Council on May 3.

Rhonda Miller

Nappanee, via email