Editor, Times-Union:

As the time is drawing near for our primary election on May 3rd, I am writing this letter in support of Scott Clay for Kosciusko County Council District 3. We all hear of the things the candidates have done in the past and we can appreciate that.

Our world is quickly changing at a rate that we have never seen. It’s very important that we put people in positions that understand the way things are now done with social media, internet technology, cyber security and how to address these issues. We are talking about our future and often it’s the younger generation that understands this, Scott Clay is the man for this job.

County Council is a fiscal budget job and we need people that know how to budget money. At the age of 20, Scott bought his first home in Warsaw solely on his own. What 20-year-old does that? To my knowledge, Scott is the only homeowner and property taxpayer in this race.

I ask everyone to vote for the fiscally responsible, energetic and caring candidate, my son, Scott Clay!

Mike Clay

Warsaw, via email