Editor, Times-Union:

Residents of Kosciusko County:

I first became acquainted with Tony Ciriello when he was the Syracuse Police chief. Then, I had the opportunity to work with Tony while he was with the coroner’s office. The compassion he showed toward people in the community was inspiring. As time passed, I worked with Tony on legislation at the Indiana Statehouse in his capacity as president of the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police and the Coroner’s Training Board. When he spoke before various committees, I was most impressed with his knowledge and professionalism.

Over the next several years, Tony became a very loyal and dear friend. Last year I asked him to come work for our company and he has done an incredible job with families. Based on my experience with Tony, I know he is someone who will work hard as a member of the county council and would be a valuable resource for me as a state senator to help keep Kosciusko County moving forward.  

I ask for you to support Tony Ciriello for County Council District 3 on Tuesday, May 3rd.

State Senator Ryan Mishler

Mishawaka, via email