Editor, Times-Union:

I have already cast my primary ballot, and that is so easy. Take your photo ID, go to the Justice Building between 8-4:30, turn left inside after the security checkpoint, and go to the end of the hall. Took me about 10 minutes to cast my vote for Chasity Sandy and others.

I support Chas because she is a caring person who will focus on serving us, the taxpayers, and she is already so very familiar with the Auditor's Office, having already served for over 28 years in various positions and support roles. Chas is familiar with the super informative Beacon mapping system and has helped make it user friendly, even on cellphones. Chas is familiar with helping taxpayers at the counter in the office, answering questions after doing research. Chas is familiar with the accountability of reviewing every small and larger claim (invoice/bill) that crosses the desks of Auditor's Office staff, and she knows the inner workings and requirements for those claims.

"Vote for Sandy" is my suggestion. Thank you.

Mary L. Scott

Warsaw, via email