Editor, Times-Union:

I am again writing in support of our current sheriff, Kyle Dukes.

When Sheriff Dukes took office, our county was still healing from the previously elected sheriff having been found guilty of a felony. There was little trust in the sheriff’s office and people were looking for answers. Sheriff Dukes promised a fresh start – and that is exactly what he gave us:

• Camp Hero – a three-day long day camp for kids to learn more about law enforcement and first responders.

• A much-improved JCAP program that now the most successful in the state.

• A much-improved Work Release Program (that is now making money rather than losing money).

• An expanded jail ministry that is made up by pastors and individuals from 30 different churches in the county.

• NET 43 – a new and improved MULTI-Department drug task force.

• Vastly increased training for not just the road officers but all staff.

• Transparency of the Sheriff’s Office.

• Improved/or new mental health service available to both inmates and employees, including a full-time mental health professional at Work Release.

• Seven-day-a-week medical services now available to inmates.

• Training. In 2021 alone jail staff, reservists, special deputies and merit, and road deputies completed almost 11,000 hours of training.

• When Sheriff Dukes took office, the jail was housing 40 inmates beyond capacity (294). The jail now houses an average of 248 inmates.

Much of Sheriff Dukes’ success seems to be how he treats people. His employees, other law enforcement agencies, the public and the prisoners that are in his care. Because of Sheriff Dukes’ and  his team’s new attitude toward our community and ALL of those that make up our community, the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office has become a model for other sheriff’s offices to emulate, both from Indiana and other states.

I personally want to see what Sheriff Dukes can do for this county for four more years.

I don’t want to go back to what we had previous to Sheriff Dukes’ tenure in office, nor do I and many people in this county think that when the team is winning that it is a good idea to change the leader.

Encourage your friends to vote in this election, and encourage them to vote for Dukes.

Tim Stiffler

Syracuse, via email