Editor, Times-Union:

It’s time to remind all of our county’s residents to please vote! Voting in the Primary Election on May 3 will determine the sheriff’s race for Kosciusko County. Now, before you do so, let me remind you of a few accomplishments made possible by the leadership of Sheriff Kyle Dukes, our incumbent sheriff.

Sheriff Dukes has expanded and enhanced the inherited JCAP (Jail Chemical Addiction Program) by working closely with Courtney Jenkins and others including many businesses and local leaders. This program has transformed the lives of many inmates. Sheriff Dukes organized NET 43, an interdepartmental group charged with fighting drug use in our county. The Kosciusko County Work Release has also been improved by installing new leadership with Heather Desenberg who has provided positive changes for the residents. Sheriff Dukes has also renegotiated contracts with service providers since taking office which resulted in not only improved service, but also a savings for taxpayers. Finally, I believe another huge accomplishment of Sheriff Dukes is the formation of a support group for wives and partners of law enforcement professionals. Trained mental health professionals are involved in the support groups of employees, but are also involved with the residents of Work Release. Following the inmates with emotional support as they become residents of Work Release is essential in their success in everyday life.

Words used to describe Sheriff Dukes include the following: caring, hard-working, a man of his word, an open communicator, concerned about others and our community, and someone you can easily talk to. He is a supporter of the second amendment, someone who is easily accessible; and, he’s called a man who builds relationships, a servant-leader, a visionary and the man most qualified for sheriff.

Let’s continue what’s working for Kosciusko County. Let Sheriff Dukes continue the above progress for the benefit of us all. Re-elect Sheriff Kyle Dukes.

Warm regards,

Dr. Jennifer Lucht

Warsaw, via email