Editor, Times-Union:

To whom it may concern:

My name is Zachary White, and I am writing a letter to the editor in support of Sheriff Kyle Dukes for re-election. In order to properly give credence to my support, I am going to start with my personal story, and the things I have witnessed first hand from our current sheriff.

For the first 10 years of my adult life, I struggled heavily with addiction, and had been in and out of corrections for the majority of that time. I was incarcerated at Kosciusko County Jail several times, and never was offered any type of help for my disease. When I went to prison in 2018, I participated in several rehabilitation programs, but at the end of the day I was checking off a box and the department heads were as well.

In 2019, in Kosciusko County Jail, I was offered an opportunity to participate in the JCAP program. JCAP is a program directed towards helping individuals struggling with addiction and it's great. I want to focus on Kyle Dukes’ impact on that program and the people in it.

Sheriff Dukes’ outreach extends way beyond politics. Kyle Dukes makes it his personal goal to make Kosciusko County a better place to live and raise a family in. Everything he does and everything he endorses is for the betterment of our great county.

I fully support Kyle Dukes for re-election because of the strides we have reached as a community with his leadership skills. Sheriff Dukes builds relationships with people who can actually help with this countrywide opioid epidemic, and he doesn't do it for personal gain, he does it to help the people who don't have a voice to get support for themselves.

Since my enrollment and graduation from JCAP, I have remained substance free and sober. I have been involved actively in both my children's lives and I have done what I was shown by Sheriff Dukes and tried to give hope to other addicts suffering. I have been very successful at my new career as a sales professional and have never felt the support of my community more than with Sheriff Kyle Dukes as Kosciusko County sheriff.

Zachary D. White

Warsaw, via email