Editor, Times-Union:

If I remember right, every one of the city and town mayors, as well as all of the city council members, have all taken the oath of office to protect the Constitution from all its enemies both foreign and domestic, also to enforce all laws of this country. This same oath is taken by all of Indiana's Congressional and Senate office holders.

This is the very same oath that everyone who has ever served in our military services also takes, and not only does this oath take to protect our Constitution but protect our way of life. Protect this country's borders from all foreign invaders the very same military services where thousands of young men and women gave their lives to protect!

Now we have lying hypocrites that want to give driving privileges by passing city ordinances to allow those who are in this country illegally. These people are foreign invaders whether anyone wants to admit it or not. No one held a gun to their heads or a knife at their throats, they knew full well that they were in this country Illegally. The same is true when they got into a vehicle and turned on the key and started driving this vehicle without a driver’s license, they broke the laws!

Being in this country illegally is a deportable offense. Being caught driving without a license is an automatic immediate deportable offense. But this is not the only offense that almost each and every one of those who are in this country are guilty of.

To apply for a job in this country one has to have a Social Security number so the social taxes can be paid to their account. It is a federal and a state offense for anyone to use a stolen ID to obtain a job using someone else's identity. It is according to the law an automatic deportation.

As the above job requirements state there is only two ways those who are in this country illegally can get a job, one is being paid under the table (which is in violation of the law) or via a stolen SSI number which is also in violation of the law and is subject for one of two charges to be filed if you are in this country you go to jail, if you are in this country illegally it is supposed to be an immediate deportation.

There is another aspect to this so-called driving privilege. These people have already broken the law, so they are already guilty of a crime. If I understand the law right, it says anyone who aids or abets anyone who has broken the law to continue breaking the law are themselves to be guilty of the same and can be charged as such. If this be the case then federal government is also in violation for issuing any kind of tax ID to those who are in this country illegally.

Marvin Gunter

Warsaw, via email