Editor, Times-Union:

I am so disappointed in our Congress for passing the 1.7 trillion evil Omnibus spending bill.

Congress, including our Indiana Senator Todd Young, has done a very evil thing sure to bring down the USA.

The spending in this bill is full of evil appropriations which our government should never have touched such as giving our enemy country Pakistan millions of dollars and creating a Michelle Obama trail in Georgia. The bill provides border security but not for the USA where it is needed so badly no but for far-away places such as Eqypt and Lebanon. The ones who voted for this made sure no money on securing the US border would be allowed but they did appropriate money to process millions of illegals into the USA as they desire to destroy America.

Consider this: I was a Delphi Electronics salaried employee (Delphi was part of General Motors but spun off then went bankrupt because GM would not pay a fair price for the materials). When Delphi went bankrupt, the Obama administration made a decision to give all of the hourly UAW workers their full pension. They also decided to slash the salaried employee pensions for each person 60-70%. I was one of the 20,000 Delphi salaried employees to have my pension slashed by 70% by our government. There were funds available in the bankruptcy to provide a full pension for the salaried folks but no Obama decided to cut the pensions deeply. Since that happened 12 years ago, the Delphi salaried employees have been involved in a legal process to get this fully restored. The courts rejected the appeals but then Congress took this up and the house passed the bill to restore the full pensions. However, the Senate rejected the bill.  This is such an injustice to all of us. How can they spend so much money on Ukraine, Pakistan, Lebanon, and pork projects and not include the restoring of the Delphi pensions to salaried workers.

Folks, this is simply evil. We have a horrible congress who does not care about the USA citizens. I really got the shaft folks.

With Warm Regards,

Steven Matthews

Warsaw, via email