Editor, Times-Union:

I knew a woman who was a liberal Democrat back in New York. She was a teacher and a devoted Christian. But she believed Democrats were Godly people and voting for Democrats was what God wanted. She was Black and grew up in Tennessee during the Jim Crow era. But she didn't want to acknowledge that Democrats were the ones that oppressed her. She joined the Democrat Party at a time when there were some decent Democrats. But today they have warped into Democrats too often.  

Abortion, public schooling, unions, affirmative action and Progressive policies are associated with Democrats. Support for abortion, the extermination of innocent unborn lives, might have swayed voters against Republican candidates in 2020. Oprah said if she could she would vote for Fedderman and Warnock because they supported abortion.  Satan also supports abortion just like he supported the burning of children in ancient Israel. That practice led to the captivity of Israel. If churchgoers that voted for the preacher Warnock who supported the extermination of unborn black lives realized that, he might have lost to Walker. They will have to answer to God at the Judgement for their voting for candidates Satan supported.

Our public school system used to be one of the best in the world. But some of the worst schools in America are public schools and the school unions don't want parents to take their students out of them and have school choice. Yes, there is indoctrination and perversion going on in public schools and contrary to what AOC believes, children are being mutilated and Joe Biden supports it.  

Unions have had a mixed effect on our economy. When the former president of the steelworkers union said to Tom Snyder there would be no givebacks to steel factories, we lost steel factories because they moved out of America. The Obama infrastructure bill that cost around $1 trillion paid off unions and didn't improve our infrastructure much just like Biden's infrastructure bill hasn't so far.  

Lately, California has been wanting to give every Black Californian $5 million in reparations. But to prove they deserve reparations, they should prove that if their ancestors had never been brought from Africa they would be earning more in Africa. If they can't prove that, despite slavery, then they deserve the amount of money they would have earned in Africa.  

I thought Progressives were supposed to support progress. But if they had their way with their attack on conventional energy sources and our standard of living, we might progress to the dark ages. But Democrats don't care.  They even attack Godly people and think we are enemies of society. I'm sure Satan would approve of Progressives and want to help them achieve their wicked goals.  

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email