Editor, Times-Union:

When I was a child, I had a lot of bad ideas. My grandparents sold their dairy cattle and I thought they would cost only $100 each. I also told my teacher when I was 9 that I wanted to go to the sun. I also believed LBJ would make a good president. Then again, I was just a child.  

I guess Democrats are still children since they come up with so many bad ideas.  I'm not surprised so many Democrats running for office don't want to debate their Republican opponents. They are afraid to support their bad ideas in the debates and be exposed for having the mentality of a child. And they don't want to be associated with the biggest baby in the world; Joe Biden. His temper tantrum on September 1, the anniversary of the start of WW Two, indicated that he has declared war on people that want to make America great again. Any Democrat running for office should be tied to Biden who has ruined this nation. Why should we vote for people who will most likely make America and the world worse?  

Crime is worse now than it was during the Great Depression when most Americans were poor. It was the bad Democrat idea that people should be taxed upward to 95% which deprived Americans of the money they needed to improve the economy. The Smoot/Hawley Tariff Act brought on an international trade war and increasing reparation payments for Germany to repay brought Hitler to power. Thank-you, Democrats.  

Cities were burning in 2020 and Antifa and BLM were viciously attacking people. Police officers and too many minority people were being killed. Democrats wanted to defund police and supported cashless bail that released criminals to be predators again. People die at the hands of criminals that would be in prison. But Democrats evidently don't care. I bet there were no MAGA people involved in the destruction and murders. Yet Biden thinks MAGA people are dangerous.   

Democrats think abortion is going to keep them in power. I guess they don't mind that abortion is both racist and sexist. Why are so many abortion clinics in minority communities if Democrats didn't want to decrease the number of minority births. The majority of BLM members vote Democrat yet they don't protest around abortion clinics where black lives in the womb are exterminated. Maybe to them not all black lives matter. Also, most females that have abortions gave control of their bodies to men. If a woman doesn't want to become pregnant she should refrain from sexual intercourse.

Democrats support green energy over conventional energy. People will die this winter when windmills and solar displays aren't working. Voting for Democrats is a form of suicide.

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email