Editor, Times-Union:

Jesus received a fairer trial than the grilling Brett Ka­vanaugh received when a woman accused him of attempted rape and couldn't present evidence it even happened. I'm not saying Ka­vanaugh was another Jesus. But the Democrats want to crucify Kavanaugh and probably won't let another FBI investigation which may find nothing new against him stop them from opposing him.   

Democrats that say the FBI should investigate Kavanaugh should be willing to be investigated too by the FBI because there are things they wouldn't want revealed. If nothing else is discovered about Kavanaugh, would they be willing to resign from the Senate for believing lies if they vote against his confirma­tion? Liberals would no doubt vote them out of office if they vote to confirm Kavanaugh. Then again, liberals like to believe lies if they are the type they want to believe.

I fear chaos will occur if Democrats regain control of Congress and the Senate. Maxine Waters wants to start hearings against Trump and his people and what he has done for years. The Democrats won't be satisfied until they have destroyed Trump and no one outside the Washington swamp ever tries to be­come president. The lynch mobs in Washington and in the media don't care how many innocent lives they destroy.

The Democrats remind me of Jezebel, who found two liars against Naboth so he could be murdered so his vineyard could go to King Ahab. They also remind me of the Nazi show trials that destroyed those who opposed Hitler. Do Democrats want to be associated with some of the most hated people in history? What Democrat protesters have done against Republicans also reminds me of Nazi tactics of intimidation against those they oppose. And when you throw in the desire for the right to exterminate unborn lives to remain intact just like the Nazis believed certain lives had to be exterminated, the Democrats complete a trifecta of evil which they are proud of.

Socialism is a huge lie many Democrats embrace. It hasn’t worked in the nations that became socialistic. Free things that socialists promise to deliver are not free but could turn this nation into another Venezuela. If nations we owe trillions of dol­lars to were to demand their money, our economy would collapse and I'm sure Democrats would find a way to blame the destruction on Trump. What's one more lie for Democrats to expect the public to believe?

Liar, liar, pants on fire. It's a wonder Washington hasn't been burnt to the ground from all the trouser fires that have happened.

Rick Badman